Monday, September 8, 2008

Revelations in the Canadian Election

Today is the first real day of the Canadian election, and already a lot of excitement -- of a sort. Stephen Harper tells us that he enjoys playing cards with his kids. Stephane Dion reveals that a hearing deficit keeps him from hearing "the music of English". (Actually, he has been taking speech coaching, and hearing him on the radio this morning made me wonder how he has managed to acquire a Swedish accent .)

Jack Layton should really catch up. Is there nothing he wants to tell us?

Elizabeth May of the Green Party says we should stop watching CNN and get involved in our own election. Well we would if somebody would give us something of substance to chew on -- sorry guys, the music of English doesn't count, nor does pinochle, or whatever it is that Harper plays with his kids.

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Samantha said...

With the train wreck that is the American election, it's harder than ever to keep one's eye on the Canadian scene. You're right that it doesn't help that it seems there is so little of substance to care about.